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Anping Xinpeng Mesh Belt Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001 in Anping county, which is well known as The Wire Mesh Town of China. Xinpeng products are mainly used in dewatering, filter press, papermaking dryer, screen printing, filtering liquids from solids and other industrial process application.

Xinpeng has invested 250 million RMB for further development to enter new market filed and raise productivity. In 2011, Xinpeng moved to its new built site - about 60,000 m2- in Anping Industrial Zone (EAST). Meanwhile, Xinpeng introduced the most advanced equipment in the world, which includes 13.5m wide high-speed & heavy-duty polyester mesh loom from Sweden, newly designed automatic production stream line (winding, assembling and stuffering) for spiral fabric from Germany. Besides another 12.5m imported polyester mesh loom, Xinpeng also have 6.1m, 5.8m and 5.3m rapier loom, which have been successfully modified to achieve more reliability, stability and productivity. Other supporting equipments include 4x digital warping machine, 1x2.6m, 2x6m, 1x10.5m heat setting machine and 1x13.5m newly bought hot-air heat setting machine. All these machines above enable Xinpeng to make mesh belt (fabric) for 2000m/min paper making machine. In addition, Xinpeng has 126 sets of Swiss projectile loom, test instrument and supporting equipment to produce various range of high density fine polyester mesh for screen printing and filtration.


In 2015, Xinpeng obtains the production ability of 600,000 high-end polyester mesh belt for high-speed paper making machine and 2,000,000 m2 fine mesh for screen printing and filtration with total 162 employees employed.

Xinpeng has introduced modern management personnel and managing system, and successfully obtained the ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificate issued by SGS in Jan. 2015. Xinpeng insists on establishing advanced company culture, introducing modern technology, manufacturing, process and management, following the contract and credit first. Xinpeng will always do its best to provide high quality product and considerate service to all the customs.

Xinpeng has applied lean management methods in site management, and is focusing on introducing the TPM and 6 sigma methods. Xinpeng is moving forward to establish a leading brand in the polyester mesh industry.

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