Five big wrapping paper macs in jiangsu province have been revealed for the first time

Five big wrapping paper macs in jiangsu province have been revealed for the first time

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Five big wrapping paper macs in jiangsu province have been revealed for the first time

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On May 26, jiangsu paper industry association summarized the "12th five-year plan" outlook "13th five-year" held in nanjing. During the period, jiangsu paper giants one by one exposure, a total of 10 paper enterprises were rated as jiangsu paper industry benchmark enterprises during the 12th five-year plan. These companies include: precision.our paper (jiangsu) co., LTD., nine dragons paper (taicang) co., LTD., Jiang Suli papermaking co., LTD., Jin Huasheng paper (suzhou industrial park) co., LTD., upm inovance (China) co., LTD., Jin Hongye paper group co., LTD., wuxi rongcheng city environmental protection technology co., LTD., group of double light paper co., LTD., jiangsu jiangyin new hao recycled paper co., LTD. Here small make up mainly introduces the production of packaging paper paper giants.

Nine dragons paper (taicang) co. LTD

Established in April 2002, nine dragons paper (taicang) co., ltd. has built seven world-class papermaking production lines with a total capacity of 3.03 million tons. It also has its own thermal power plant, its own dock and sewage treatment plant, desulfurization and denitrification, and complete dust removal facilities. "Nine dragons" trademark has been rated as China's well-known trademark, "jiangsu province famous brand products", "province famous trademark", nine dragons paper industry has also been rated as "jiangsu province high-tech enterprises", "jiangsu province environmentally friendly enterprises".

Adhering to the principle of "quality first, customer first", nine dragons paper co., LTD has been continuously developing various types of low-quantitative and high-strength wrappers, leading the paper packaging industry to develop in the direction of green and low-carbon development and occupying the leading position in the industry. The company continuously enters the field of high value products, from the environmental protection paper to the environmental protection culture paper, toward the environmental protection, energy conservation, international management of the enterprise goal.

Jiangsu liwen paper co. LTD

Jiangsu liwen paper co., LTD. Was established in 2002, the main products of which are high-grade kraft board paper, coated white board paper and corrugated core paper. It has four production lines with an annual capacity of 1.3 million tons. It is an environmental protection, scientific and technological enterprise with high automation. It has advanced papermaking production line, self-provided power plant, water plant, sewage treatment station, dock, large waste paper yard and fleet. The company attaches great importance to environmental protection, the production is strictly in accordance with the international environmental protection management system, energy conservation, clean production, has passed the ISO14001, ISO9001, QC08000, OHSAS18001, energy management system and FSC international certification. The company earnestly implements the national policy of energy conservation and consumption reduction, pollution control and emission reduction, and the discharge of waste water and waste gas is up to the standards, so as to meet the pollutant discharge standards of pulp and paper industry issued by the ministry of environmental protection. In 2015, the total output of machine-made paper and paperboard reached 1.2 million tons, the sales reached 3.169 billion yuan, and the profit and tax reached 370 million yuan.

Wuxi rongcheng environmental protection technology co. LTD

Wuxi rongcheng environmental protection technology co., LTD., established in 1997, USES the operation mode of resource recycling to manufacture environmental protection paper products necessary for daily life, USES recycled waste paper as raw material, and USES low-carbon papermaking and green packaging as a vertically integrated service manufacturing industry. To provide customers with customized, high value-added overall product packaging solutions.

The company has 4 papermaking production lines, the main products are grade A, grade B kraft cardboard and high strength corrugated paper. It has more than 900 employees, registered capital of us $170 million, total investment of us $360 million, and annual output of over 900,000 tons in 2015.

Rongcheng environmental science and technology to use resources efficiently to solve the problem of waste, promote low-carbon paper and green packaging. Its green production focuses on every process from raw materials to finished products, while ensuring environmental protection, quality and efficiency. By 2020, rongcheng will be able to recycle 4.5 million tons of waste paper, cut down 64 million trees and cut down 22 million tons of carbon each year.

Shengda group jiangsu shuangdeng paper co. LTD

Shengda group jiangsu shuangdeng paper co., LTD. Is A company specialized in pulping and papermaking, producing and selling 100,000 tons of household paper and 200,000 tons of a-grade corrugated paper annually. The company has always been providing consumers with better quality, more functional products and continuous innovation efforts, leading product "double lamp" toilet paper was recognized by the state administration for industry and commerce as "China well-known trademark. "Double lamp" "lanya" brand toilet paper for "jiangsu province famous brand products" "jiangsu province famous trademark". "Double wins" brand A - class high - strength corrugated paper sells well.

Group of jiangsu double light paper co., LTD. In order to "truth-seeking, innovation, integrity, excellence" as enterprise spirit, with the development of enterprises, for the benefit of employees, social returns "responsibility for the mission, to" circular economy, green paper "as the pursuit, through continuous improvement, gear upgrades, the traditional industries into innovative modern enterprise of environmental protection science and technology, strive to make greater contribution to the development of Chinese paper industry!

Jiangyin xinhao recycling paper co. LTD

Listed in South Korea in 2010, the existing staff of more than 380 people, advanced equipment, strong technical force, is the country's first into the production of high-grade coated whiteboard one of the leading enterprises, with 180,000 tons of high-grade coated whiteboard production capacity, the key equipment of the two production lines are introduced from the world class manufacturers. Jiangying coated whiteboard is one of the top 5 coated whiteboard brands in China.

Jiangsu province has added 8 new packaging paper projects in 5 years

According to incomplete surveys and statistics, during the 12th five-year plan period, the paper industry in the province completed 16 major construction projects, including 8 construction projects of packaging paper. These projects added 4.345 million tons of paper and paperboard plants per year, and added 983,000 tons of self-pulping capacity per year.

1. Expansion project of wuxi rongcheng paper co., LTD. With annual output of 300,000 tons of high-grade industrial wrapping paper;

2. Jiangsu bohui paper co., LTD. Newly built production lines of 750,000 tons/year coated white paper and 400,000 tons/year chemical machinery wood pulp;

3. Jiangsu longheng paper co., LTD., newly built 400,000-ton/year coated white board production line;

4. Jiangsu fuxing paper co., LTD. Newly built production line of 400,000t/year coated white board and white card;

5. Jiangsu changfeng papermaking co., LTD. Expanded the 300,000-ton/year carton paper production line;

6. Jiangsu greentown paper co., LTD. Expanded the production line of box board paper and corrugated paper of 500,000 tons/year;

7. The original annual output of nine dragons paper (taicang) co., ltd. was 400,000 tons of carton board and 300,000 tons of corrugated paper machine, and the annual output of 450,000 tons of coated cattle card and 200,000 tons of cultural paper was completed and put into operation after technical transformation.

8. Shengda group jiangsu shuangdeng paper co., LTD. Annual output of 300,000 tons of high-strength corrugated paper new project

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