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        • Name: Touch screen and display
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        • Time: 2015-06-01
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        Touch screen and display

        Performance, innovation, reliability: Printing in the electronic industry


        This sub-application of the electronic industry is the mostchallenging one for manufacturers and co-suppliers.
        The print production must be cost efficient, standardized and run within tightest tolerances.
        A reliable screen printing mesh is essential for your success. Whether printing high opaque masks or translucent inks on a functional glass substrate.


        Features and advantages:
        High Technology and quality in the world
        Wide product range for all requirements from stock
        Individual support for your printing projects
        Innovative products providing maximum efficiency
        Sustainability, safety and reliability of supply to the finished printed product

        HD resolution even in the printing process – Displays


        Liquid crystal display
        Sealing deposition
        Contact electrode
        ight guide panel
        Plasma display pane
        Barrier layer
        Phosphor layer
        Flat screens in better quality and attractive design have become normal household items. Screen printing belongs in the picture here, too. Whether used in a combination stencil or as a pure polyester-stencil carrier, “Xinpeng”can provide improved performance in your entire process chain.

        “Xinpeng”printing screen is the screen printing mesh for use in the industrial environment. It is based on an innovative, high modulus polyester yarn import from Japan.


        Withing extraordinary tensile strength combined with very low and evenly-balanced elongation. Our Printing screen sets new standards in the stencil making process. Its quality printing results are hugely impres- sive in the most demanding and innovative printing applications.


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