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        • Time: 2015-06-01
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        Screen Printing Mesh For Glass Industry


        Function, message, design: Printed glass

        Screen printing on glass is a fascinating but also demanding task.printing method for decoration and application of functional elements.
        Thanks to their high reproducibility and quality, Xinpeng screen printing meshes give you clear economic advantages. They facilitate and accelerate the production of stencils and optimize the printing process precisely tailored to your needs and the demanding expectations of your customers.


        Features and Advantages

        Low elongation rate and balanced widening screen efficiency
        The mesh precision warp & weft balance,to make all the printing screen plate consistent tension.
        Stable halftone data such as the thickness and the surface roughness
        Make the screen printing plate of the production process simple and reliable
        Special surface treatment to strengthen the adhesion of screen printing plate
        The best exposure time yellow mesh

        Sheet by sheet flawless – Automotive glass

        Heating conductors
        Type labeling
        Edge masking
        Xinpeng screen printing mesh offers the entire product spectrum needed for printing automotive glass, precisely matched to your needs. With XINPENG PCF your antennas are guaranteed a good reception. And by so doing, achieve the goal of sustainable market success.


        Worth seeing and durable – Construction glass

        Sun screening
        Heat insulation
        Non-slip treatment
        Outside attractive and durable; indoors decorative and functional. Or vice versa. Whatever your customers want to create using building glass – and no matter how small or large it is:
        With Xinpeng screen printing mesh you can print on all architectural glass of all sizes. This is especially useful when printing is wanted on glass having larger-than-usual widths. You also have greater efficiency to be able to print with outstanding quality on glass.

        Home applicance glass
        Glass-ceramic hob marking
        Edge masking
        Control panels

        “Xinpeng”printing screen is the screen printing mesh for use in the industrial environment. It is based on an innovative, high modulus polyester yarn import from Japan.


        Withing extraordinary tensile strength combined with very low and evenly-balanced elongation. Our Printing screen sets new standards in the stencil making process. Its quality printing results are hugely impres- sive in the most demanding and innovative printing applications.

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