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        • Time: 2015-07-20
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        Screen Printing for photovoltaic industry:

        Energy, light, power: Printed solar cells


        An industry is born and grows- Renewable energy.Means to an end: Solar cells. Method of production: Screen printing. Required: Extremely reliable and easy-to-use screen printing stencils. No other printing process is able to produce within seconds reliable and reproducible functional layers on almost all substrates. Naturally, this requires a standardized production process, precise definition of printing parameters, exact process steps and continuous quality management.

        “Xinpeng”offers screen printing meshes made to the tightest tolerances, tested in the context of your needs and continually developed for such uncompromising applications.


        Features & Advantages:

        Low elongation rate and balanced widening screen efficiency
        The mesh precision warp & weft balance,to make all the printing screen plate consistent tension.
        Stable halftone data such as the thickness and the surface roughness
        Make the screen printing plate of the production process simple and reliable
        Special surface treatment to strengthen the adhesion of screen printing plate
        The best exposure time yellow mesh
        High performance – Crystalline solar cells

        For specialists it has long been crystal clear: Screen printing offers the photovoltaic industry the most trusted, cheapest and fastest technology for applying metallization and passivation layers. In the process of manufacturing crystalline solar cells new ways are constantly sought to further increase the benefit/cost ratio. Sefar screen printing solutions will reduce production costs of your screen printing process with the same, if not improved efficiency


        Thin layer with a big impact – Dye-sensitized solar cells
        Indium tin oxide

        Because of the wide range and ease of selection of printed layer thicknesses,the production rate and design capabilities are above all because of reproducibility in any up-scaling process.Now,screen printing become established as one of the main production processes in the manufacturing of dye-sensitized solar cells.

        “Xinpeng”printing screen is the screen printing mesh for use in the industrial environment. It is based on an innovative, high modulus polyester yarn import from Japan.


        Withing extraordinary tensile strength combined with very low and evenly-balanced elongation. Our Printing screen sets new standards in the stencil making process. Its quality printing results are hugely impres- sive in the most demanding and innovative printing applications.

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