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        • Name: Flat Spiral Dryer Fabric
        • Number: 005
        • Time: 2016-01-17
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        Xinpeng XP-FS series flat spiral dyer fabric is designed especially running on the high speed and wider paper machines, to produce high quality art & printing paper, brown paper, white board paper and other high quality papers.

        The CFM range of XP-FW series dryer available is from 100 to 900.




        XP-FS series dryer fabric:

        Made by automatic production line imported from Germany, stable production quality.

        Flat surface with no seam, non-seam-mark.

        Flat yarns provide larger contact surface, which improves the drying efficiency and abrasion resistance, elongates the span life.

        Accurate size control, excellent dimensional stability.


        ▶ Art and printing paper

        ▶ Brown paper

        ▶ White board paper

        ▶ Specialty paper



        Spiral Yarn Flat yarn
        Spiral Yarn Material   Anti-Hydrolysis PET
        Caliper 1.7-1.9 mm
        CFM 100-900
        Seam No specified seam, seam area is coincident with normal fabric area