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        • Name: Plain Woven Fabric
        • Number: 003
        • Time: 2016-01-17
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        Xinpeng Plain Woven Fabric can provide variable choices on yarn diameter, yarn counts /cm and aperture, in which most special is 1.2mm yarn heavy duty fabric and ultra-large aperture fabric with count as low as 2.1 yarn /cm. These fabrics can be applied in vegetable washing, mineral sieving, transportation and compress application under high temperature, and so on.



        Xinpeng Plain Woven Fabric:

        Accurate yarn counts / cm and aperture.

        Excellent dimensional stability, seldom deforming at working conditions.

        Various choice, maximum yarn diameter reaches 1.2 mm, minimum counts / cm lower to 2.1 yarns / cm.

        PPS material fabric available, stably working under 200 ℃


        ▶ Vegetable washing

        ▶ Mineral sieving

        ▶ Goods transportation under high temperature

        ▶ Compress application under high temperature



        Yarn Material PET, PPS
        Yarn Diameter 0.5-1.2 mm
        Counts / cm 2.1-11 yarn / cm
        Caliper 1.0-2.3 mm
        Seam Pin seam, Endless seam, Clipper